Antiracism Initiative

At its January meeting, the Session passed a proposal from the Witness Committee for a 2021 Antiracism Initiative. Their decision was based on a call to action by the 2020 General Assembly, a statement from the Presbytery, and a letter from Ruth Reynolds called "A Call for Reconciliation and Community Building." The purpose of the initiative states, With the increasing recognition of the violence sustained by black, indigenous, and people of color, and with the growing awareness of the church's complicity in racism from our earliest history, the purpose of the initiative would be to educate, discuss, and suggest actions to be taken to support our brothers and sisters of color in whatever way we can.

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Antiracism Initiative

GA Resolution

Presbytery Document

Ruth Reynolds Letter 

Our Resolve Against Racism: An FPC Credo Project

I invite you to confess what you believe and resolve to do to eradicate racism with your whole heart, your whole mind, your whole soul.  This credo is voluntary and to be inspired by the Spirit.  It is to be a living credo, written on our hearts, not etched in stone.  While it is to be authentic, it is not the whole truth of what we must believe and resolve to do.  Take your time, pray about this, ask the Spirit to convict you. Then I invite you to submit it through our website so that it may be compiled and shared as a part of our congregations resolve against racism.

- Rev. Trinity Whitley 


Antiracism Study @ Faith

This is a 6-week study offered April 7 - May 12 on Wednesday nights, 7:30 - 8:30 p.m. via Zoom. The study is offered in response to our Session's approval of a 2021 Antiracism Initiative for Faith Presbyterian. The purpose of the Initiative is for our church to "... educate, discuss, and suggest actions to be taken to support our brothers and sisters of color in whatever way we can." Class members will learn more about the topics of the History of Racism in the White Church, including the Presbyterian Church in Tallahassee, White Privilege, "Seeing" Systemic Racism, Becoming Antiracist, Undoing the Lie of Black Inferiority, Healing Racial Trauma, The Cost of Racism for Everyone, Scriptural Insights from the Bible, and more. There will be light homework for each week which includes watching short videos and listening to podcasts. The homework will not take more than 30-35 minutes each week and electronic links will be sent to those who register for the study. Each Wednesday night the group will gather virtually, through Zoom, in a discussion format. To register, click on the SignUpGenius button link below. Much of the material covered in the class has been researched, collected and graciously offered to us by the Tallahassee Quaker congregation through the Tallahassee Friends Racial Justice Education Group. For more information, contact Ruth Reynolds, 567-9555,  , or Anita Parish, 520-0604,  .

Why Do We Need to Address Racism?
Because we are all made in the image of God and loved by God.
Because some of God’s people groups have suffered and are suffering.
Because 1 Corinthians 12 tells us that we are all members of the one body in Christ, and “If one member suffers, all suffer together with it” (v. 26a).
Because we want to find ways to show our love and solidarity and to reconcile with those who have been hurt, especially by the Church itself.
Because we want to understand more fully how all of us can work together to change anything that stands in the way of complete wholeness and inclusion in our church, community, nation, and world.

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Meet the Task Force

To lead the Antiracism Initiative at Faith, a Task Force is being formed which will plan programs and perhaps trips for education about racism. The Task Force is comprised of members of the Witness Committee and the Adults & Families Committee as well as members who express a personal interest in serving. 

Ginny Dailey (Preschool)
Scott Ford (At-large)
Bob Keyt (At-large)
Mike Metz (Adults & Families)
Anita Parish (Witness), Chair
Ruth Reynolds (At-large)
Peggy Sanford (Witness)
Will Spicola (At-large)

If you have any questions or comments about this effort, please reach out to Anita Parish, .