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Faith Presbyterian's Resolve Against Racism

Submitted as a response to the call for personal credos, the following are how different members of the Faith congregation are choosing to confess what they believe and how they resolve to eradicate racism with their whole heart, mind, and soul. 

Pam Leslie
I believe that God created all of us and loves us equally. I also believe that anything that separates the community of God's children, that disparages any group of God's children, that causes purposeful harm or pain to any group of God's children, is an evil creation of man, is a sin against God, and must be eradicated by man if we are to truly follow God's calling. I confess that I have fallen short of lifting up all of God's children all of the time. I commit that I will not turn away from the shame or ignorance of past injustices. I will actively work to change the future so that the poor, the powerless, and the non-white peoples can share in the opportunity, love, and blessings of this world and not be relegated to an unending wait to be held in esteem on earth as they are in heaven.

Chip Jennings
I resolve to continue to not vote for and not support politicians who do not advocate for social justice. I resolve to continue to not vote for and not support politicians who do not acknowledge that systemic racism is real. I resolve to recognize that systemic racism is baked into our systems of history, education, health care, justice, finance, and other systems. I resolve to become better informed. I resolve to recognize that as an older, white person, I benefit from systemic racism without my approval and sometimes without my knowledge. I resolve to take my part of ownership of this problem. Finally, I resolve to seek to find Jesus in the midst of our national and world issues.

Gayle Swedmark Hughes
All men (and women) are truly created equal, although they are not treated equally. I have seen some evolution of equality in my lifetime but not nearly enough. I resolve to do my part in eliminating bias by refusing to take part in segregated clubs and associations and to cease doing business with any racist company or personal service person. I look forward to the time when race is not even an issue and needs no comment or notice.

Margaret Norona
I believe that all people, all races are created by God and are equal in His eyes. We all deserve to be treated with respect, fairness, and compassion. Therefore, I do resolve to contemplate on this belief more often in my day to day life and also try to use my voice when witnessing disrespect and unfairness.

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