Spring/Summer 2022 Lectionary Series

Full to the Brim

Lenten Sermon Series

Stranger Things

The Voice

We often ache to hear God's voice speaking to us today. Throughout scripture, God spoke through a booming voice and quiet whispers. We will look at the different ways God's voice cried out to the people. 

Draw Near

Holy Ground: Finding God in the World

Back to the Source

Return: The Promise of Life Renewed

For the past sixteen months ministry has been different. We have watched worship online. We have held classes online. We have not been able to eat meals together. We have not been able to sing together. As we kick off a new school year, we hope that these ministries will return. As a church we are not only called to recommit ourselves to God's ministry, but also commit ourselves to the new world that God has planned -- the Kingdom come. 

Summer Sundays in the Lectionary

The Revised Common Lectionary is made up of assigned texts for preaching and worship following the liturgical year.  These texts were assigned by biblical scholars from around the world from many different protestant denominations as well as the Conference of Catholic Bishops in the United States and Canada.  These assigned texts allow churches from all over the world to focus on the same scripture each week, providing unity throughout the Body of Christ.  The lectionary also provides a variety of texts for each congregation to study throughout the year.  This summer, we will use the Revised Common Lectionary to inspire our worship services.  Each week will bring something new and we will unite with other churches all over the world who are reading the same passages each week.

Trouble the Waters

Journey to Jerusalem

Journey to Jerusalem

Lenten Sermon Series