Sealey Elementary School Parternship

n response to Jesus' commandment to love our neighbors as ourselves, Faith Presbyterian is called to stand beside the community of Sealey Elementary School. We will support the students, families, teachers and staff so that we may experience the grace of God in each other and build a stronger future together. 

Although the pandemic has kept us from face-to-face support for our Sealey family, through your generosity, we have been able to provide support in some different ways:

  • Special seasonal treats in teachers' boxes four times during the year.
  • August 2020 Back to School Drive. Faith provided teachers with items on their wish lists to get them started in a completely different kind of school year (face masks, air purifiers, lots of Clorox wipes and hand sanitizer, in addition to the regular requests).
  • November 2020 Buckets of Love. Lowes large buckets for each teacher and staff member filled to the brim with a Target gift card and snack items personalized for each person.
  • April and May 2021. During standardized testing, Faith volunteers provided water, snacks and homemade sweet treats for the teachers as they completed testing each day.
  • June 1-4, 2021 Teacher Appreciation Week. Breakfast, lunch from Willie Jewels, ice cream and brownies dessert, and Target gift cards for each teacher and staff member. 

Your help, prayers and monetary gifts are what make this worthwhile community outreach possible. If you would like to contribute money to the Faith Presbyterian Church/Sealey Partnership, please indicate that on your donation.

Faith Presbyterian Church/Sealey Outreach Coordinators:

  • Pastor Brad Clayton - 850/385-6151
  • Sealey School Contact: Allison Hankinson - 850/508-7455  and Beverly Sims - 850/510-3827
  • Staff Luncheons: Neal and Janet Evans - 850/445-7150 or 850/445-5294
  • Mentor Recruitment: Lew Shelley - 850/545-8736
  • Volunteer Recruitment: Beverly Sims - 850/510-3827

We are hopeful that the 2021-22 school year will allow us to return to the school in person! There are several ways you can help:

Mentors are assigned a student or two to work with for about 45 minutes a week. They help students finish assignments, help them read AR Books, or anything else that teachers may want the student(s) to work on. Mentors must be trained by a district staff person and be fingerprinted. This is because mentors are often left alone with children. 

Volunteers are helpful for making copies, sharpening pencils, tearing pages out of workbooks and stapling, grading papers, helping with book fairs, field day, and Teacher Appreciation. Volunteers often work in the classroom with the teacher or wherever the principal determines they are needed. Volunteers are not allowed to be alone with students. They must complete the on-line volunteer form which may be found on the Leon County School website. 

Keep these opportunities in mind as you make your plans!

July 2021

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

We are called to love our neighbors as ourselves. We have an opportunity to stand by our neighbors at Sealey Elementary School by providing wish list items for the teachers. It is easier than ever now -- just click each teacher's Amazon link below and make your purchase. The orders will be sent directly to Sealey. Please purchase your item(s) by August 2, the teachers' first day of school!

If you prefer to give money, we can use it to buy items that are not purchased. You can write a check (put Sealey on the memo line) and send it to the church office or drop in in the Sunday morning offering plate.

Questions? Email Allison Hankinson at 

Let's make it a beautiful day for our Sealey neighbors!

Sealey Elementary Teacher’s Wish Lists


Elizabeth Pearson:


Miranda Kelly:

Kayla Wyatt:

Savanna Lyle:

First Grade

Lori Schaar:

Jennifer Crews:

Ebonee Wilson:

Second Grade

Kason Reed:

Marlena Wims:

Jasmine Tubig:

Laurel Bedford:

Erica Tucker:

Third Grade

LaSonya Scott:

Shulamith Riggins:

Kayla Ransom:

Ali Farsi:

Fourth Grade

Laura Camoesas:

Claire Wolters:

 Ynesia Chandler:

Fifth Grade

Celeste Clemons:

Melanie Alexis:

Mindy Shaffer:

Rachel Cassiday:

ESE Teachers (ESE Resource, Speech Language Pathologist, EBD)

Resource Teachers

Laurel Bryant:

Adrian Peoples:

Alicia Chellman:

Anne-Marie Lock:

Danielle Hess:

Special Area Teachers (ART, MUSIC, PE, MEDIA and GUIDANCE)

Laurie McHargue:

Lisa Foltz:

Dale Thomas:

Heather Mott:

Thank you to all who helped with or donated items for the Sealey Back-to-School Breakfast on August 1!